Po Suk Jung

Po Suk Jung


Over the years, Pasig has already become a Korean town. Just visit and observe Renaissance Towers and you will know what I mean. Heck, there’s even a Korean school beside it. Thus, Pasig is undeniably a haven for people who love Korean food. There are several small Korean restaurants located in Escriva Drive (at the back of University of Asia and the Pacific), but I believe Ye Dang (beside Metrowalk) is currently the most popular Korean restaurant in Manila.

Po Suk Jung

For this food quest, we decided to try Po Suk Jung, a Korean restaurant located in Oranbo Drive Pasig. You won’t be having a hard time finding this restaurant. From Meralco Ave, turn left at Captain Javier, this is where ULTRA is (Wowowee stampede remember?), go straight ahead and get past St. Martin Street, then turn right at Oranbo Drive, it won’t be too long till you reach Po Suk Jung.

I had a good feeling about this restaurant because first, they have a huge parking space and second they have a security guard so you wouldn’t have to worry about you parking along the streets and your car getting car napped (bitter much?). The place is quite spacious and you can choose if you want to eat Korean Barbeque the traditional way (you have to remove your shoes, and sit on the floor while eating, no air condition) or you can choose otherwise. We chose the former.

free appetizers

They served as 7 free appetizers, and the vegetable pancake as they would call it, is for me the best. I also love their bean sprouts. What’s good about Po Suk Jung is that you can ask the staff to give you more appetizers if you want whereas in Korea Garden, the old waiters will frown at you when you do this.

For the main dishes we had:

Jap Chae

Jap Chae (P200)

This was lovely. It was chewy and there was very strong and fragrant smell of sesame oil. The serving was also quite generous. A must try at Po Suk Jung.

Beef Stew

Beef Stew (P300)

This fell short of my expectation. The beef on top was quite dry, maybe due to overcooking and the sauce was quite bland. It lacked the aroma of a stew where the beef’s taste is transferred over to the sauce.

Fresh Beef Ribs

Fresh Beef Ribs (P600)

This dish was quite small and the beef was very dry. According to the staff, fresh beef ribs are usually dryer compared to the marinated ones. We should have ordered the marinated beef which costs almost the same as this one.

Beef Bulgogi

Bulgogi (P390)

This was awesome. There was a mix of sweet and salty taste which will remind you of Japanese Sukiyaki. The beef was thinly sliced and was very tender. This will make you want to eat more rice. However, we also noticed that they are using the common rice, and not the sticky ones you usually eat in Korean and Japanese restaurants.

For dessert, they gave us complimentary watermelon slices. It wasn’t that great but it was free anyway.

Po Suk Jung is a good Korean place but you have to know what dishes are their specialties in order to fully enjoy the experience. It is also a fun place to meet up with friends and cook together while catching up with one another.

FFF- 3 Fs!



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  1. gilbert guinto

    ma’am salamat po sa paglalagay dyan ng PO SUK JUNG

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